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Precision and Support

HR solution


Personnel Administration

Hiring declaration, pension and mutual health affiliations, follow-up for medical visits,  medical leave administration, end of contract settlement documents and pension health portability.


Constant and controlled social supervision.


Social reports, dashboards, analysis according to your needs and your analytical sections.



Employment contracts and legal proceedings

We can offer you personalized management according to your needs and in agreement with our lawyer's office.



Payroll Contact

You have two experienced and proactive payroll contacts dedicated to your company 5 days a week, which ensures the continuity of services.

Payroll management


Analysis and Audit

Complete audit of your payroll according to your collective agreements, company agreements and verification of the correct application of the legislation in your pay slips.


Payroll processing

Establishment of an annual calendar and pay steps, according to your date of wages payement and the deadlines of your mandatory social declarations.

Transmission of a file filled in by you that include variable payroll elements or collaborative input directly on SILAE application.


Payroll certification

We do the payroll calculations and bases checking, social contributions, exchange rates, follow-up of the legal minima, legal and conventional updates, absences processing  and nominative social declaration, income tax management.


Post Payroll

Clarified pay slips available directly in SILAE application or in an individual safe for each employee.

Preparation of the salary SEPA file.

Calculation and nominative social declaration sending, including management of on-line payments.

Establishment of other mandatory declarations.

Support and management of relations with social entities.

Transmission of accounting records and social supporting statements.



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